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  1. What is Hosting?

    Web hosting is a service that provides Internet users or website owners with online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. E.g. a user may register his domain name with "Cybersites India" or any other registrar, and then place his website on servers owned by "Cybersites India". Then his website is said to be hosted at "Cybersites India".

  2. Why do I need it?

    For a website to be available to the users on the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year the site must be placed on servers connected to the Internet continuously. These servers also need to be secure, and support features required by your website, hence it become necessary for you to avail of web hosting services.

  3. How can I transfer my domain or web site to your servers?

    You may transfer you domain or web site to our servers any time you decide. When you place an order you should specify that it is an existing domain and not a new domain and our sales and support staff will assist you to transfer the existing domain and move the site content. You should maintain the services of the existing provider till this process is completed to avoid any down time.

  4. How do I calculate my web space requirement?

    Web space requirements should be calculated keeping in mind the quantity of html pages, graphics, audio and video content and database requirements. You should generally opt for a little more space than you originally calculated as the same may be required to accommodate customer responses and database size growth.

  5. Can I increase my web space at anytime?

    Yes you can, we offer completely flexible options for you to upgrade anytime during your current plan by paying the nominal charges applicable.

  6. What is the guaranteed uptime of your servers?

    We offer a 99.7% + uptime guarantee on shared hosting plans, we also offer higher uptime plans and solutions depending on the needs of the customer.

  7. What should be my default page / home page name?

    Default.htm, default.asp, index.htm and index.asp are the default names supported; if you wish to name your home page differently you may please contact our technical support for the same.

    People searching on the Internet, are influenced by the domain name when deciding to visit a website hence carefully thought Domain Names are a must.

  8. Where are your servers located?

    Our Indian Web Hosting Servers are located with India's Premier ISP VSNL. We also provide services On U.S. Servers colocated with different ISP's in the USA

  9. What is your bandwidth limit?

    Bandwidth and Data Transfer are Limited as per the plan you opt for. We offer customised bandwidth solutions and provide cost-effective data transfer plans for heavy traffic web sites.

  10. How can I measure or study about my visitors?

    We have free support available for Web statistics, you may get the same enabled using the control panel supplied to you or contact our support team for the same.

  11. What is the difference between virtual and dedicated hosting?

    Virtual or Shared hosting offers services on a server which is shared among web sites hosted on the same. The advantage of the same is that the cost to host is very low as opposed to maintaining a server of your own. Dedicated Hosting or a dedicated server means that the server is reserved entirely for your site; the advantages of this approach are higher performance, better security and scalability. However this solution is only recommended for larger web sites or enterprise solutions since the costs involved are quite high as compared to shared hosting.

  12. How do I upload / transfer files to the web server?

    FTP access is provided for each website for transferring / uploading content to the server.

  13. What Is FTP?

    FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a method of transferring files between two computers connected together by a TCP/IP Network, such as the Internet.

  14. What is an IP address?

    The Internet Protocol address or IP Address is a numerical identifier for a computer (server) attached to the Internet. IP addresses are like street addresses - they refer to specific servers and their physical location on the network.

  15. Do you support Perl / PHP/ CGI scripting?

    Yes we do, we support ASP, ASP.NET, Java Server Pages, Perl and PHP and we provide CGI support.

  16. Do you support payment gateways and SSL?

    Yes we do, you would however need to procure the SSL Certificate and the payment gateway services separately.

  17. What kind of database support is available?

    MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL are the database systems supported. We also support ODBC connectivity.

  18. Can I get my Dll's / Components installed on the server?

    Yes, you can get your DLL's / components registered on to the server, but these have to be submitted to us for evaluation and testing before we load them onto the server, this is done to ensure that these components don't cause any disruption to the server or existing web sites on the server.

  19. What is the type of technical support provided?

    Unlimited telephonic and e-mail support is provided, you may please send us an e-mail at or contact us on phone numbers mentioned here.

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